DVD Order Page

DVD Order Page

CMS 30th Anniversary

CMS Sample Lessons/

Montessori Madness

CMS Opera, Pearl

CMS Veena 2013 Play

The Many Faces of R.O.C.K

Mystery of the Missing

Birthday Cake

R.O.C.K. Barn Dance

Videos 2011

Extra Wedding/Event DVDs

(note which event at checkout)

The Trojan War

(2012 CMS Veena Class Play)

It’s a Jungle Out There

(2011 Palace Theater)

The Pied Piper of Hamlin

(2011 CMS Veena Class Play)

Mullah Nasruddin / Sheik Chili Stories

(2011 CMS Veena Class Play)

Jo Ellen is late for Valentines

Our Big, Beautiful World

(CSA 2016 School Play)

Home is Where the Heart IS

(CSA 2017 School Play)